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  1. Hi, glad to visit you..

  2. Hi its all great photos, can u add some info on my website?

  3. I live in the UK and I can’t wait to live in Bucharest. My girlfriend is from Constanta but she lives in Bucharest.I have visited many many times and I always miss it so much when I have to leave. I think Bucharest is the best city in the world. Your pictures always keep me in touch with the city, my girlfriend also loves the contact you give us as she works here in the UK many months of the year.

    Thank You so very much for keeping us both up to date with your lovely country and city.

    Julian & Isabela

  4. BTW, I also adore photography, what camera do you use? I use a Panasonic GF1 with 20mm pancake lens, and am soon to move up to Nikon DSLR. Just an entry model. Your photos are very good and well composed and exposed. You look like you know your stuff! All the best again, Julian

  5. Thank you Julian for the kind words. It feels good to know I’m not working on this site uselessly, that people like it. I use a Canon 5D DSLR with an 24-105 mm lens. I’ve always used Canon, my first one was a Canon Rebel X, that was back in 2000. When I switched to digital I kept using Canon, mainly because I was used to it. I’m very pleased with the 5D, the photos are incredibly clear. All the best to you and Isabela. Andreea

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