Sep 282010

Versiune în română

On the 20th of September Bucharest celebrated its 551th anniversary, which is to say that 551 years have passed since September 20, 1459 when Bucharest was first mentioned in an official document. This was marked by “Bucharest Days”, a series of cultural events which included concerts and shows, movies, parades etc. The event featured in today’s photos was called “The Nomad Gardens – Art and Landscape”, and it was organized by the French Embassy and the French Institute of Bucharest. Their idea – if I understood it right – was to create a series of small gardens to point out the importance of green spaces in the urban landscape. These gardens were spread in six locations around Bucharest and every one represented a “reinterpretation of the idea of garden”. The photo above shows the installation at the French Institute, titled “Celular gardens, nomad and ephemeral objects”.

University Square – The blooming lawns

Roma Square – The green agora

George Enescu Square – The silver forest

Gara de Nord Train Station – The vegetal tunnel

Verona Square – Nomad Seeds