Jul 272009

About a month ago while I was preparing for a trip to Paris I discovered a nice blog by the name of parisdailyphoto.com. Its author Eric, who recommends himself as a “friendly parisian”, is posting an image of Paris a day with a small commentary. Extending my search I found out that there is a whole bunch of daily city photoblogs, some still up to date, some already closed after being in use for a few years. This is how I got the idea of creating one for Bucharest, the city where I was born and where I currenly live. My declared goal is to post a daily photo taken in Bucharest. All the photos will be taken by me. I shared this idea with a few friends and was asked by some if I think anyone will be interested. I certainly hope that some people will be interested. If not, the worst case scenario is that I will get to know my city better 🙂

Today’s photo is “Piata 21 Decembrie” (21st of December Square), the little square with the fountain located a bit north of University Square. The end wall belongs to the Faculty of Architecture. It’s a nice resting spot smack in the center of Bucharest and even though at midday there’s not a hint of shade, the fountain helps in cooling off a little. This little square was a focal point during the 1989 Romanian Revolution (hence the name) and its aftermath when Iliescu summoned the Jiu Valley miners to “defend democracy” in June 1990.

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  1. A late welcome to the bunch, your way to discover City Daily was not so different from mine. Nice square, a good photo to begin with!

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