Aug 282009

Versiune în română

Keeping with the musical theme but moving to the other end of the scale, the biggest Romanian clasical music event is starting in 2 days: the George Enescu festival. George Enescu is Romania’s most famous composer and this event is celebrated in his honour every two years. The festival was started in 1958 and 2009 will be its 19th edition which will run from August the 30th to September 26th. To honor the composer the festival includes at least one work by Enescu in its main concerts. Otherwise spectators can enjoy everything from symphonic and chamber music concerts to opera and ballet, even some classical music in jazz arrangements. In the beginning of this event, from August 30th to September 6th three international music competitions will take place for piano, violin and composition, one of the festival’s goals being to launch and promote young artists. Throughout the whole period events will be held in the square fronting the Athenaeum, including concerts by students from the music school, recitals and movie screenings. If you’re a classical music fan, than this is your heaven. More details here.

  3 Responses to “The George Enescu Festival”

  1. Sounds great! Do you play music yourself?

  2. My parents sent me to violin lessons for 4 years but I had no talent for it so I stopped. Now I'm simply enjoy the music sung by others 🙂

  3. Wow, from pop culture to high culture. (: I think both have their justification. Hope you have fun if you go see/hear it.

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