Sep 202009

Versiune în română

Today Bucharest is turning 550 years old. More precisely 550 years have passed since September 20, 1459 when Bucharest was first mentioned in an official document signed by one of the most (in)famous Romanians, Vlad the Impaler. People have lived in and around the area that is now Bucharest for a long time before that, but this was the first time this place was officially called Bucharest.

I couldn’t decide what picture to post for today’s occasion so I got the idea of making a collage. These are pictures of Bucharest, new pictures and old ones, some that you have seen already and some that you didn’t. Bucharest is all these and much more. It’s my first collage ever so please excuse me if it’s a bit rough on the edges.

  4 Responses to “Happy anniversary!”

  1. Congratulations, Bucharest!

  2. Your city have more 49 years than my city, Funchal, in Madeira island, Portugal.
    I like you beautifull photos and rich photo blog.
    If you have time you can visit my newest city in my photo blog
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Paulo Camacho

  3. Happy Birthday Bucharest! Livorno is younger, was officially recognized as a city in 1606…
    You did a very nice work with those images and now I'm quite curious about most of them.

  4. Bravo! Your collage is awesome! Happy Belated Birthday, Bucharest!

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