Sep 292009

Versiune în română

Paris has Seine, London has Thames and Bucharest has … Dâmboviţa. I live very close to its banks so I get to see it every day. I was actually surprised to see that Dâmboviţa has a dedicated, very nicely done, wikipedia page. To summarize the information that I read, the citizens of Bucharest used to drink water from Dâmboviţa but they don’t anymore because nowadays it’s very polluted due to the raw sewage that’s being dumped into it. Also, Dâmboviţa used to flood Bucharest quite often but it doesn’t anymore because it was channeled in 1970s (the second attempt, the first being done in 1883). It was never used for navigation.

  5 Responses to “The city on the Dâmboviţa”

  1. Happy to know you Dâmboviţa, the river of bucharest. My ignorance is curbed again, I had no idea of the name of your river…

  2. looks like a very clean river, although you mentioned it being polluted.
    such a waste that it stays stagnant.
    i can also see billboard ads from afar and a tiny "mc donalds" logo…

  3. A river never used for navigation – now that IS unusual.

  4. That is going to be fixed soon. Or so they say, the officials. They plan to launch some sort of bateaux mouches. Did not mention when though… Thus, it will be navigated. Probably they also read wiki:)))

  5. Very interesting! Hope the planned sewage treatment facility will lower the pollution. BTW, the gigantic ad posters in the background seem to be really significant for Bucharest.

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