Nov 272009

Versiune în română

In yesterday’s post I was saying that I believe it’s impossible to visit Stavropoleos and not be moved in some way. This feeling will be even stronger at the sight of the church interior. You’ll find the same fresco-covered walls and golden iconostasis found in most Eastern Orthodox churches but somehow they look more exceptional here. If you are Christian you’ll feel like the church interior encourages prayer and meditation. Even the tourists leave their cameras aside and sit quiet on the little benches. The black silhouette that you see in the photo is of one of the nun caretakers who was tending the candles.

  5 Responses to “Stavropoleos inside”

  1. Andreea, thanks for showing up inside! It's a magnificent church which looks like an art museum inside. I could sit on a bench there for a long time!

  2. I agree with you, few churches, or other worship places, inspire faith more than these Eastern Orthodox jewels. Glad you actually used your camera…

  3. The inside certainly conveys a feeling of a Power much greater than ourselves. How can one enter a space without feeling immense awe?

  4. What a blaze of Romanian icons!

  5. i hardly notice the nun…^-^ the interior of the church captivated me already. just look at those very detailed and ornate design.
    i could stay there for hours inside…

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