Jan 122010

Versiune în română

During one of my walks around the city I was exploring the quarter behind Cocor store, when I happened to spot this Citroen ad up high on a building wall. It looked like an old ad, maybe one from between the wars but I couldn’t hope that something like this escaped without being destroyed during the communist years. Once home I searched the web, reading forums and found out that the add is probably from the 70s when it was painted for a movie that was shot at that location. Looks nice, nonetheless.

  5 Responses to “Car ad”

  1. It would be nice to preserve this, even if not genuine, these ads are disappearing everywhere!

  2. That's odd. Painting a vintage ad for a movie and then your rediscovering it later on. Well researched.

  3. i agree, it looks nice on a brick house looking b.ground, i wonder what movie was it for?… probably action flick.

  4. Impressive research!

  5. Interesting history of this "ad." It looks much older than it really is.

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