Jan 152010

Versiune în română

Today is Theme Day at the City Daily Photo, a community of bloggers who like photographing their cities. Today’s theme is: Best photo of the year 2009. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

I couldn’t decide which photo from last year I like best so I picked the one that proved to be the most popular, meaning the one who got the most comments. It represents Bucharest’s Old Town (Historic Quarter) on a late November night. With the summer terraces gone, the streets in the Old Center look deserted, even though many of the cafes lining the streets are full until late at night. The photo shows Franceză Street on a Thursday around midnight.

  11 Responses to “Theme Day: Best Photo of the Year 2009”

  1. There's an air of mystery in this photo. Calm and peaceful, too. The row of lights gives the photo a special quality.

  2. Beautiful picture

  3. haha, agree, you've got lots of good fotos, but this one is also one of my faves. ^0^

  4. I remember this….. and it is still a very very good shot!

  5. I can see why this one got a lot of comments; it's eerily beautiful. And it certainly looks deserted. But you've captured well that late night ambiance – I especially like the street lights. The photo is perfectly exposed and is tack sharp. Super job!

  6. How were you able to choice from so MANY, awesome photos in your archive??!! I love this photo and remember it because there isn't one person walking there . . . Nice choice, Andreea

  7. This has an other-worldly beauty to it. An excellent choice!

  8. Love this. It has such a magical mystical feel about it. Gorgeous.

  9. One of the best seen around today!

  10. I definitely remember this photo ! It touched me deeply.

  11. I LOVE this photo. Good choice!

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