Apr 112010

Versiune în română

Why is there a cow flying through the windows of a house in Calea Dorobanti? I was curious so once home I searched on the Internet for the name written on the small black plaque. Apparently she’s either coming to revenge her fellow cows or has a death wish and came to be sacrificed for the delight of the diners: the building houses an Argentinian restaurant.

  4 Responses to “Flying cow”

  1. That’s probably one of the most beautiful restaurants ever seen. As it looks rather like a villa, one hopes that the inside and the meals do taste just alike.
    A wonderful start into the new week.

  2. haha, interesting info on this one.
    a cow in the middle of nowhere, looks quite bizarre, but the overall structure looks nice.

  3. That is strange even by my standards.

  4. Looks like a dangerous building to enter

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