May 132010

Versiune în română

A flooded intersection in my neighborhood.

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  1. As I don’t watch any TV did not know. Hope everyone is save. Respect upon having the nerves to take yet nice pictures.

  2. For the time being I no longer have a camera, but IOR Park looked pretty dramatic two hours ago, during my morning exercise there: fallen trees, many broken branches everywhere… Nice pics.

  3. Lot of rain here in the last days, but I see you got the worst!

  4. Your neighborhood looks like my neighborhood after a heavy rain.

  5. I believe this is not a common sight in May… Great photos though!
    Weather is crazy everywhere! We used to start going to the beach in late April/early May and this year we just can’t!…

  6. Oh goodness, when did this happen? I sure hope everyone’s safe and your house stayed dry. Please take care, Andreea!

  7. oh andreea, i didn’t know you had a terrible weather there and here i am complaining
    that it’s hot in here.
    i hope the it’s over now, i wish you well, take good care of yourself n family.
    is it still safe to say that despite this condition, they’re still nice shots. ^0^

  8. This is not the worst. Look at Vienna:
    Yesterday’s rain was record-breaking for Vienna: 52 liters per square meters fell on the first district (historical center) in 60 minutes, an hourly rate that occurs here only once every 50 years.

  9. Oh no! I hope everyone’s ok. The colours in the photo convey the aftermath mood.

    Hope to see you on Norwich Daily Photo soon. Have a great weekend!

  10. I am fine everybody, please don’t worry. The storm, although violent, only lasted half and hour and I was inside at that time.

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