May 292010

Versiune în română

Back in October I was telling you the story of the traveling she wolf and how she’s about to move house again from the Roman Square to the foot of Lipscani Street. Well, looks like the mayor kept his word and today’s photograph shows the she wolf in her new location.

  3 Responses to “Bucharest’s She Wolf, part 2”

  1. “She” looks a lot happier.

  2. Schön. Der Leipziger Wölfin…

  3. Die, die Leipziger Wölfin. Freaking genders.
    By the way, they called it “the Lindentree Inn”, as “Lipsk”, the Slavic origin of Leipzig, stands for “the lindentree place”. Lindentree, Leipzig, Lipsca, Lipscani, She Wolf, Rome. Ciorbă, sarmale, wurst and pasta.

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