May 082010

Versiune în română

There’s a simple reason why this cinema has so many flags displayed above its entrance. The European Film Festival had just started in Bucharest. Movie goers are in for a treat: more than 50 European movies to choose from, all from the last two years.

  3 Responses to “Movies galore”

  1. multumesc,,,thank you for your photo blog . i have been to Bucharest 3 times , and consider it my second home . i have a very good friend who lives there . i am from California .

  2. Thanks Mark, I’m glad to hear you liked it. Btw, I considered California to be my second home 🙂 I’ve lived in SF for 7 years before moving back to Romania last year.

  3. Probably a good reason to charge the credit card to its limit.
    Only hope that the prices for the tickets are such, that everyone is able to afford to see a couple of movies.
    Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

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