May 152010

Versiune în română

Have you ever sat on a zebra? If the answer is no then now’s your chance 🙂 These cute zebra benches are awaiting sitters in the Victory Square subway station. The project is called Zebrula and is part of a group of ten installations that will decorate the station. The artist for Zebrula is Mara Patriche.

  3 Responses to “Zebra benches”

  1. Cool. I want to go to Romania just to sit on this

  2. You’ve missed the arrow on the top right: it gives directions to the (great and unknown) Geology Museum nearby. Any link to the zebra?

  3. Sorry, I actually meant “the Natural History Museum”, hence the link to the zebra. It all got messed up in my head due to the fact there are three museums nearby: the Peasant’s, the Geology and the Natural History ones. This is not my day 😉

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