Jun 222010

Versiune în română

Last year Bucharest’s city hall approved a contract to buy 10 golden clocks that apparently would make our city look much much nicer. I can think of many things that need fixing in Bucharest and probably the 915.000 euros payed for the clocks could have been put to better use by the ones in charge. But as now is too late to change anything, one has to try to make the best of any given situation 🙂 a thought I always try to keep in mind when passing by the Palace of Parliament 🙂 At the present time many of the clocks have already been installed – I’m not sure if all of them have been installed, I only saw 6 of them so far. They seem to be of two types, a bulkier and a slimmer version. They all have the year 1459 written on it, the year Bucharest was founded. Today’s photo shows the clock in University Square.

  3 Responses to “Golden Clocks #1”

  1. At least it is pretty!

  2. Who can figure out why government does certain things.

  3. May life and time continue to treat you all kind.

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