Jul 062010

Versiune în română

An old sign that reads “Lighters” at the corner of Calea Victoriei and Ioan Filitti Street.

  8 Responses to “Shadows”

  1. It’s certainly just an old commercial forgotten there. Except for a few tailors’ outlets, such small craftsman shops (together with the crafts they once hosted) are almost extinct in Bucharest, with their small places being quickly filled by cafeterias or nicely packed junk-selling boutiques.

  2. Nice. I like the hard shadows.

  3. Surely a character filled sign. May light treat it kind. Please have a nice Tuesday.

  4. I always find myself overcome with some kind of sadness when I think that the working places of the bygone craftsmen are no longer thriving (or even existing) as they once did.

    Still, I do love Bucharest. Need to get back there.

  5. Interestingly, colors, images and a very good snapshot and Nice. I like the hard shadows.

  6. Where is Andreea? Off on holidays?

  7. AB: Yes, I’ve been off on holidays since May, leaving Bucharest often – this summer has been a great one with many many trips. I would like to continue this project though, I’m not planning on giving up yet. Problem is I keep postponing the comeback from one day to another 🙂

  8. OH NO! I just returned home from a month long family vacation in Scandinavia and now discovered you stopped posting on your GREAT blog! Say it isn’t so? What’s up?
    Thinking of you from Minnesota, USA

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