Oct 142010

Versiune în română

Icoanei Garden is one of the small parks of central Bucharest and one of my favorite places to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet whenever I find myself in the neighborhood. Located close to the Roman Square and Magheru boulevard, the park has a triangular shape, formed by the A. Verona, A. D. Xenopol and Jean Louis Calderon streets. The garden was set out in 1870 – 1875 by draining of a swamp that was the result of the spring of Bucureştioara river (a tributary of river Dâmboviţa) becoming silted up.

  2 Responses to “Icoanei Garden”

  1. How alluring a sight. A nearly Zen like picture, very well done indeed. Please have a good Friday.

  2. A nice sight, had it been shot in North Europe. For Bucharest, it is a bit too cold and impersonal, no colour and this locally atypical search for perfection.

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