Jul 252011

Versiune în română

Since last year Bucharest has joined the example of other cities of the western world in offering free summer concerts of classical music. Going on from May 8th to September 25th, they start at 19.30 every Saturday and Sunday in Colțea Park, in the University Square, weather permitting of course. Did I mention they’re free? (or rather they’ve already been payed for from our taxes, I don’t really know to be honest).

  3 Responses to “Some midsummer’s symphonies dream”

  1. OMG! Wahoo! You’re back! I’m thrilled! Looking forward to seeing your daily photos from Romania!
    Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. Thanks Leif. Glad to be back.

  3. Ditto that. Welcome back. I missed my daily photo of Bucharest.

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