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Versiune în română

Iuliu Maniu (January 8, 1873 – February 5, 1953) was one of Romania’s foremost politicians, serving as the Prime Minister of Romania for three terms during 1928–1933. He was an adversary of Russian influence and for this reason he was imprisoned in 1947 when the communists came to power. He died in 1953 in Sighet prison. His statue, the work of artist Mircea Spătaru is located in the Revolution Square, in front of the former Communist Party Headquarters which are now housing governmental offices. I like the statues because it is modern, expressive and full of pathos, something different among the standard 19th century statues which fill Bucharest.

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  1. Ah! Here it is! The wonderful sculpture of Maniu. Isn't it marvellous. Every time I pass it I have to stop and stay a while. Did you ever go to the Memorial Prison of Sighet? I sat in Maniu's cell for a long time. He survived things we can only envisage in nightmares…yes. Pathos. That's exactly right.

  2. I've been to the Prison Museum in Sighet a couple of years ago. It is a beautiful museum, very moving and well done. I think it does a good job in showing the extent of the damage that was done by the totalitarian system.

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