Sep 032009

Versiune în română

I promised yesterday that I would continue the cables story and I’m doing it with today’s photo which shows a cable pole in downtown Bucharest. I can assure you that this is not an extreme example. Most of the cable poles downtown look like this. In fact I’ve seen a lot worse. Some of them look ready to fall down at any minute and I just hope nobody is around when that happens.

  3 Responses to “Cable pole in Bucharest”

  1. We are lucky to have almost all of those cables running underground in our city! What a mess!

  2. OK, you won! This is a funny image, not so funny if something bad happens. You have found a nice example of what means to be 'wired'!

  3. Ok, you convinced me! It's much worse than in Buenos Aires. It's urban art although unintentional! I love this mess somehow. Bucharest appeals to me more and more. It seems to be full of subjects for great photos.

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