Sep 022009

Versiune în română

Inspired by this post from the Buenos Aires Perceptions, a Buenos Aires Daily Photo Blog, I wanted to take a similar photo of criss-crossed cables in Bucharest. And here it is. I took this one at the intersection of Calea Griviţei with Buzeşti. Some of these cables are being used by the public transport but the vast majority are telephone, cable or Internet wires. I guess that at some point, the number of criss-crossed cables across the roadways will become so big, they will be forced to place them underground. Last year there were some articles in the news regarding a directive passed by the European Union which required all the countries in the EU to bury their cables until 2010. Frankly I don’t see that happening here. Tune in tommorrow cause there’s more to come.

  4 Responses to “Criss-crossed cables in Bucharest”

  1. Wow. That is incredable.

  2. Wow, that looks pretty much like Buenos Aires! Excellent picture! I believe you guys in Bucharest even beat the cable tangle in BsAs. If this continues you soon won't need an umbrella anymore at this intersection. (; Awesome and unbelievable!
    BTW, thank you kindly for mentioning my post and blog.

  3. This is not so evident here, but we still have our fair share of cables around buildings. It become funny when they creep around historical plaques or some votive images…

  4. BA Photoblog: I believe credit was due because this is really how I got the idea to photograph the cables.

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