Sep 252009

Versiune în română

One more picture from the Northern Train Station and I promise to move on 🙂 This colorful panels show a part of the train schedule for this year. To the left we have departures and to the right we have arrivals. “Sosiri” stands for “Arrivals”. The colors indicate the types of trains. We have 4 types of trains in Romania: “Personal” (blue coded) a sort of commuter train that stops in all stations, therefore it is very slow, “Accelerat” (red coded) a bit faster than “personal” trains and with fewer stops, “Rapid” (green coded) a fast train which stops only in major cities and “Intercity” (yellow coded) also a fast train with stops only in major cities.

  4 Responses to “Return of the Nothern Train Station”

  1. Such as the major city of Bicaz. 🙂

  2. Certainly seem simple enough to figure out.

  3. It's colorful, unique and quite analog. (: I love it.

  4. It the first time I find something like our 'accelerato', the same type of train I suppose.

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