Sep 222009

Versiune în română

In order to prolong the anniversary a little longer I decided that today I’ll post another postcard picture. This is the Central University Library (“Biblioteca Centrală Universitară” in Romanian), a beautifully ornate building located opposite the Royal Palace in the Revolution Square. The building was designed by the French architect Paul Gottereau who also designed the Royal Palace and the CEC Building (I have yet to post of picture of it). Construction was started in 1890 and the building was inaugurated in 1895 as the “Palace of Carol I University Foundation” being build on land bought by Carol I of Romania for the foundation that carried his name. In 1948 The Library of the University Foundation becomes The Central University Library, a state owned institution. The building was heavily damaged during the December 1989 Revolution when over 500000 books were lost in a fire. It was later restored and it opened again in 2001.

  4 Responses to “The Central University Library”

  1. Beautiful building, strange light. It has a real French flavor, with those roofs and the slightly concave facade, probably to accomodate some street plan.

  2. wow! ^-^ i would love to go visit that library sometime…
    is it sunset or sunrise when you took this picture?
    love the shade of orange mixture in it…

  3. Vogon Poet: French anything was all the rage in the 1890's Romania 🙂

    arabesque: It's sunset light.

  4. For a second I thought you went to Buenos Aires. But it is still Bucharest. (; Wonderful picture of a wonderful building! Love the sunset light!

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