Sep 172009

Versiune în română

Roughtly about two months ago I saw work being done on the southeast corner of the University Square, the one with Colţea Hospital and the Ministry of Agriculture building. Knowing that the little park was renovated only about two years ago I asked myself, as I’m sure many of my fellow citizens did, “Why are they renovating this corner again?”. Turns out they were repairing the fountain and installing a giant bronze violin, a work of artist Ioan Bolborea made after a project by the Italian artist Domenica Regazzoni. Domenica Regazzoni has a series of violins, the one installed in Univeristy Square being “The broken violin”. Sculpture aside, I really like this little corner of peace right in the heart of such a chaotic city as Bucharest. It’s a great place to sit on a bench and watch the world go by.

  2 Responses to “The giant violin”

  1. Nice corner, well framed in this image. Mixed feelings about the violin: it's strange, but I like it and fits well there.

  2. To put up this sculpture was probably worthwhile the renewed expense. Art makes parks even more enjoyable. I wonder what Regazzoni had in mind with a broken violin. To me it has a sad connotation. Nicely captured, BTW!

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