Sep 132009

Versiune în română

Sometimes beauty lies in the little details, which make a mundane object become something special. This is the gate handle to Hanul cu Tei, or the Linden Tree Inn, one of 19th century inns still standing in the Old Town, which nowadays houses an art gallery. I must have passed it a hundred times but only the last time I was there I noticed the old handle and how interesting it looks.

  5 Responses to “The little details”

  1. It is absolutely beautiful, that handle. Sad that today's architecture is so homogenized and generic! Good eye!

  2. what a keen observation…

  3. Photoblogging has this effect on people: you see your city, and details of it, with different and more attentive eyes. I have discovered things I have passed thousands of times in the years, without noticing. Then Daily Photo started…

  4. There is much beauty in the texture of fine details.

  5. It's a rusting beauty. I love every little detail.

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