Sep 122009

Versiune în română

Seeing Magheru Boulevard on a weekend with only a few cars speeding by, it will be hard to be believe that this is the one of the busiest streets in Bucharest. Come Monday, the boulevard will be packed with cars barely inching along. Magheru Boulevard, named after General Gheorghe Magheru, a Romanian revolutionary, runs parallel to Victory Road (Calea Victoriei in Romanian) and even though Calea Victoriei is more imporant historically, nowadays Magheru is the commercial lider being one of the most expensive streets in Europe in terms of renting commercial spaces. For those interested in seeing between the wars architecture Magheru is the perfect place for a stroll, because most of the buildings that line the boulevard are from the 20s and 30s.

  2 Responses to “The busy boulevard”

  1. Impressive avenue, I hope you'll show us more of this boulevard and its buildings. Still many wires around even here…

  2. Great image! Indeed, it conveys a feeling for weekend in Bucharest. The building on the left looks pretty much Bauhaus-inspired. Hope you will show us more of the boulevard, bustling or not.

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