Sep 052009

Versiune în română

Street art critiques official art 🙂 The graffiti in today’s photo refers to the subject of yesterday’s post. I’ve spotted it in two places, close to the Revolution Square where the “potato” is located. The graffiti reads “The Monument of Errors”. “Of errors” translates in Romanian as “Erorilor” and as you can see the letter “i” has the unmistakable shape of the monument.

  2 Responses to “The Monument of Errors”

  1. I have just read your answer: nobody will tear down the spike, and probably it is better this way: everybody could use a reminder of past errors.
    And, as cleverly jokes the anonymous writer of today's image, this is another way to see this monument.

  2. Wow, seems like people are really at war against the monument. An art war so to speak. I like it when street art is political. Poor 'potato'! (;

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