Dec 102011

Versiune în română

Right before leaving Bucharest last August I managed to photograph the graffiti wall on Arthur Verona street. Usually there are cars parked by the curb and it took the miracle of a very quiet Sunday in order to be able to shoot the wall unobstructed. The graffiti wall has been around for a few years. Every year the graffiti changes, usually with the occasion of the “Street Delivery” event, when the street “opens to the people”, turning pedestrian for a few days. This year’s graffiti is an image of today’s Bucharest, showing many of the features that define the city at this moment in time. The representation is dark in my opinion but the particular shown are true nonetheless. I like looking at the little details, for example the cable poles with their hanging wires (which I talked about in this posting) or the “Gigi pleacă!” (“Gigi, leave!”) message written on a wall. Bucharest was full of writings like that last year; they refer to the manager of a football team which the fans wanted out of the picture.