Oct 272009

Versiune în română

And since I talked about them last week, here’s one more Union Square fountain shot. This will be the last one in the fountain series. I promise to move on to a new subject tomorrow. If you look closely at the picture you can spot the Palace of Parliament in the background.

  6 Responses to “One last Union Square fountain shot”

  1. nice fountain on this angle, the curves makes it more stylish.
    are those colored tiles underneath or they're just painted?

  2. What a gorgeous fountain! I love the colors inside it.

  3. Not one of the best perspective of your city after the stunning night shots, but I think you are perfectly right to show this.

  4. arabesque: I think they are colored tiles.

    Vogon Poet: This too is Bucharest after all 🙂

  5. I think this shot is lovely. Andreea. I have never seen a fountain quite like this before. This shot shows the shape of the fountain well and how long it is.

  6. Refreshing picture of a lovely fountain! The colorful mosaic in the fountain looks pretty.

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