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When asked to recommend a restaurant for someone from out of town most Bucharestians would probably pick this one. “The Beer Cart” (Carul cu bere in Romanian) is the flagship of Romanian restaurants in the old town. If you are a tourist not knowing any local, you are still most likely to end up here because this restaurant is in all the guidebooks. Fashioned to look like a German beerhouse, Caru cu bere has an elegant facade and a beautiful interior rich with frescoes, stained glass, balconies and ornate woodwork. The restaurant has first opened in 1879. It is packed every night, so you definitely need a reservation especially if you want to dine in the nonsmoking section (which shows that there are probably more foreigners dining here than Romanians). In the summer they have a terrace. The food here is standard Romanian fare, not fine dining, but usually you won’t leave disappointed. Big portions so make sure you leave space for desert. Despite looking so fanciful, I don’t believe it’s an expensive restaurant, but that of course depends on what you order. For lunch time they have a student menu (when you show you student card) and a menu for retired people (with pension coupon) for the equivalent of $8 and a daily lunch menu for business people for about $10. In the evenings they have a show with traditional dances.

  10 Responses to “The Beer Cart”

  1. Looks like a fantastic place to have diner.

  2. I'd go there. It looks like a very beautiful old building.

  3. A very nice and elegant place!

  4. WOW – that's a scrumptious looking place! A not-to-be-missed restaurant! Good recommendation!

  5. What a beautiful place. I can see it is well worth a visit just to see the stunning interior.

  6. Old fashioned and quite elegant, but not too formal, definitely not to miss.

  7. Your photo makes me want to visit this majestic place….

  8. What magnificent old elegance!

  9. I visited that enchanted place few months ago. It’s really a must visit place. The food was ok but the magical feeling comes from the wood decoration, the old tables, the smiling waiters and the musical/dance show. What renders it more captivating is the presence of my lovely companion.

  10. I was there 2 months ago and am taking my Romanian team there for dinner tonight.
    The food is good and the home made beer in 1 litre glasses top the charts.

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