Oct 112009

Versiune în română

To be honest I didn’t know the place in today’s photo existed until a few weeks ago. I must have passed the entrance to this inner courtyard a thousand times but it never crossed my mind to take the few steps through the entrance passageway. But last time I passed this building I stopped to take a picture of the marble plaque that identifies the building as “the house where the poet Mihai Eminescu (who is considered Romania’s greatest poet) worked as an editor to the newspaper The Time between the years 1877 – 1879″ and decided to see what’s behind the narrow passage to the right of the plaque. What I found was this nice inner courtyard, with a fountain and a bronze statue. The building that forms the inner courtyard used to belong to the Dacia Insurance Company and it was built in 1874.

  4 Responses to “The inner courtyard of Dacia Palace”

  1. This is one of the treasures that Daily Photo compels you to find for yourself and for us. I have found some I never suspected few meters from home.
    This courtyard is perfect, elegant and so well kept.
    You have to show us the plaque of Mihai Eminescu someday…

  2. I wanted to post a photo of the plaque as part of this post but I can't find it, I think I deleted it by mistake.

  3. The courtyard is elegant – a treasure!

  4. You found a treasure! Photo blogging to the rescue. *g* It makes you so aware of your city.

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