Nov 172009

Versiune în română

November is not one of my favourite months. I’m not used to the cold yet, the grey skies make me want to sit in bed all day and the frequent raining does nothing to improve the situation. But there are two things that I like about November. The first is the approach of the winter holidays. The second are the fall colors, which can make even a mundane landscape like the one in today’s photo look interesting. I took the photo along Dâmboviţa River between Timpuri Noi and Mărăşeşti.

  6 Responses to “Autumn river walk”

  1. Perfect place for a November stroll.

  2. It is lovely. Nice contrast and feel to this image.

  3. I like the colors of Autumn, if not the season itself. You caught exactly these colors and the atmosphere of a grey November. This place may be mundane but it appears fascinating in this image.

  4. i like nov. on the other hand, it only means it's nearing december and i got my loong weekend break. ^0^
    the sky here looks very gloomy and cold but the falling leaves and the trees looks very dramatic.

  5. This is a lovely shot of the city even though it looks like November. I'd enjoy walking beside the river.

  6. I love November because it means spring on the other half of the world. (:

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