Nov 152009

Versiune în română

Keeping with the elections theme, these are two stencil graffiti that I photographed on my last stroll through the Old Town. The first represents, according to its author, the portrait of the Romanian politician. The second one, which I don’t think I understand entirely, is of a sheep which has the message “Are you gonna vote again?” written on it. I’m not sure if the author has lost faith in the political system and is trying to say that no matter who you vote it won’t matter or is referring to the uninformed voters, the ones who go to vote because the village mayor or the local priest told them to do so and also told them who to vote with.

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  1. So what is the politician holding in his hand – a foaming beer glass?

  2. I think so 🙂

  3. In other countries, e.g the UK, they call politicians fat cats. Is it fat pigs in Romania?

  4. politics is crazy and choosing for the right person to vote is always hard…
    we'll be having elections here next year and so far, those running for presidency are all questionable and doubtful…

    ps: almost forgot to say thank YOu for greetin me last week and for droppin by! ^-^
    really appreciate it! ^-^

  5. I understand our lack of faith in a quite old and rusty system, but your democracy is still young, people seem to be a bit impatient with change. Somebody wants to go back to the old system? Anyway the graffiti are funny!

  6. Voter apathy seems to be a problem worldwide. Few Canadians care who runs our government, believing that it doesn't matter much. Charismatic leaders with great ideas and the will to make them happen are hard to find.

  7. Rob and Mandy: No, they're not called fat pigs. I think the author picked a pig because many of the politicians start getting fatter and fatter after being elected.

    Vogon Poet: I think the lack of faith is due to the fact that they voted with a lot of enthusiasm in the last 20 years, only to be later disappointed by the person they voted. I don't think anyone wants to go back to the old system (I hope so). In fact everyone I spoke with told me they will go to the vote.

  8. I understand why people have no trust in our politicians (anymore). To most of them, to be the law is to be above the law. I fear that elections are nothing more then hot air.

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