Nov 232009

Versiune în română

I’ve been told by one of my friends that I focus too much on the city center, especially the Old Town. I guess she’s right, I take many pictures in the Old Town because I think that it’s one of the most picturesque parts of Bucharest, and that it offers numerous opportunities for photography. Eventually I will move on to the neighbourhoods but at the time being I feel there’s still a lot to explore in this old part of the city. I pass through the Old Town often, and most of the time I just go on about my business, until one day something strikes me and I stop to take a picture. I sometimes wonder how others are seeing these pictures, if they are moved by the same details that made me decide to stop and take a closer look. Today’s photograph shows a corner of Old Town that caught my attention last week. I don’t know exactly what it was that suddenly moved me. Maybe it was the colored posters of the Comedy Theatre, a dash of color in a otherwise grey day. Maybe it was the ornate building, dating – if I’m not mistaken – from the beginning of the 19th century (if someone has a more definitive date please let me know as I wasn’t able to find one). Maybe it was the new art installation. In any case, here it is for you to enjoy.

The next two weeks I’ll be blogging from abroad. I do plan on having uninterrupted
service 🙂 so please continue to stop by.

I wrote this post in the wee hours of the morning so I hope it makes sense.

  5 Responses to “Old Town, again”

  1. It seems that your friend was right, this is another interesting building in a nice corner of the (still unknown to us) Old Town.
    I don't know if you are traveling for work or pleasure, anyway have a good trip and a nice stay.

  2. Nice old house and an interesting statue. What is that man doing stuck in the wheel?

  3. Vogon Poet: It's a little bit of both. After two days of running errands in San Francisco, I'll go on a five days trip to Las Vegas & Death Valley. Then back to SF for another week of work and fun (I hope).

    AB: Apparently he's contemplating on time and space 🙂 if I were to judge by the sculpture's name, "Man Time and Space".

  4. hi andreea, a very grey structure but very captivating.
    btw, i wish you well on your trip! ^0^ have fun!
    and yes, your post still makes sense. ^-^

  5. I enjoy your photos of the Old Town very much because through it you reveal bits of Bucharest's history.

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