Nov 242009

Versiune în română

For today, a close up of the bronze statue that appeared in yesterday’s photo. Titled “Man, Time and Space”, the sculpture is the work of one of Romania’s contemporary artists, the sculptor Ion Mândrescu. Looking on the web for the sculptor’s other works I found out that a similar statue with the same name, was donated by Romania to the Council of Europe.

  6 Responses to “Man, Time and Space”

  1. nice of you to post the other side of it.
    interesting sculpture..^-^

  2. Fantastic sculpture! Reminds me of getting my leg broken in the back wheel of my dad's bike while riding behind as a young kid.

  3. I was curious about this… One of the few contemporary work of art capable of saying something even to the more distracted passer-by. Bravo Mândrescu!

  4. Poor guy, looks like this time, space stuff has really got him trapped. I guess there is no escape for us.

  5. Technically, the sculpture looks great. But the artist's concept is a little too horrific for my taste.

  6. Whoa! Ion Mândrescu is extremely talented!

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