Nov 212009

Versiune în română

With the summer terraces gone, the streets in the Old Center look deserted, even though many of the cafes lining the streets are full until late at night. This is how Franceză Street looked last Thursday around midnight.

  13 Responses to “Old Town on a late fall night”

  1. One of the best photo seen around in days. Great atmosphere, wonderful light.

  2. I agree with VP. This photo is stunning!

  3. It is beautiful, and it is like a film….
    who will turn up??

  4. That is a beautiful photo, it felt like I went back in time.

  5. What a superb photograph. The lighting is absolutely perfect and it is tack sharp! Frame it and hang it!

  6. The lights are amazing. Lovely.

  7. Great atmosphere. The intertwining of white and orange lights looks really good.

  8. Thanks everybody for the nice words. You made my day.

  9. Those are fabulous, historic buildings on the right side! It sure seems quiet and deserted! Oh, the lengths we bloggers go for a great blog photo!

  10. Fantastic pictures, one of the best I've seen around in ages.

  11. at first glance, it looks like a setting from a tv series or film.
    no wonder it's deserted… around midnight and there's not even one single car! ^0^

  12. arabesque: The reason for not being any car is that it's a pedestrian area

  13. Awesome shot! The whole scenery could be from a computer game. Very atmospheric!

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