Dec 212009

Versiune în română

21st of December 2009 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Romanian Revolution, the popular uprising that ended the communist dictatorship. On December 21st 1989 the citizens of Bucharest joined the protests started in Timişoara on December 16th and, as they say, the rest is history. It was a day that changed the rest of my life and for which I am and always will be grateful.

Today’s photo shows a sign posted in the little square featured in my first post on this blog. The sign reads “They died here for liberty/21-22 December 1989” (it’s an approximate translation but I can’t think of a better one).

  4 Responses to “December 21st 1989”

  1. although the writings have been sort of vandalized, you can never change the course of history, very symbolic.

  2. For once not too difficult to understand, even with the vandalization. I remember that we spent hours in front of the TV showing the fighting, without knowing nothing for sure, hoping for the best…

  3. I remember it very clearly too. I've been very moved listening to the "20 years ago" broadcasts on the radio the last week or so. In a funny way, even though I was miles away, in the west, what happened changed my life too, when I think about the work I've done since and my times living in Romania.

    A simple photo, but so effective.


  4. It's so important to remember such important milestones. I remember when the people in the Communist Bloc began the last uprisings and how I wondered if they would really win their freedom. Hooray for those who were brave enough to protest!

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