Dec 202009

Versiune în română

I’m back online after more than 48 hours of absence. No, the snow didn’t reach the first floor window 🙂 but the server’s hard drive, bought and installed last June, crashed. It took my husband two days to recover all the data (the backup was ten days old) and to install a new server. I hope my karma has changed now and this won’t happen again.

My first photo after this break is a straightforward shot of the building whose tower was featured in last post’s reflection. As I said in that post this is an office building build in modernist style in 1936-1937 by architects Rudolf Fraenkel, Teller and Dem Săvulescu. It is known as “Adriatica building”. By following this link you can see a photo of the building dating from late 30s.

  2 Responses to “Back online”

  1. yup, i was beginning to think my comp. has a problem or something, then it dawned me that your server was down. ^0^
    luckily, your husband is a comp. genius. ^-^

  2. Nice to see you back, with another reminder for us to keep backups up to date! This building has someting of déjà vu, because it looks like many constructions of the period seen around. Even the type of clock is telling…

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