Dec 242009

Versiune în română

December 24th turned out to be a nice and sunny day, with clear blue skies as you can see from today’s photo. It looks like we’re gonna have a partially white Christmas as the snow from last week’s snowfall has melted away and created ugly mountains of snow and mud.

Same spot Friday last week (December 18th)

Same spot Monday last week (December 14th)

  4 Responses to “Partially white”

  1. The same place through a different weather, it could be a nice idea. I'm glad you have some sun back…

  2. Your Christmas snow was a LOT like mine, believe it or not! But it's snowing today so I guess we are going to have a White New Year's Eve instead. 🙂

  3. I like they way we get to see typical housing in Bucharest.

  4. AB: I'm trying to paint a fair portrait of Bucharest and that includes showing the grim tenement blocks from time to time (ugly as they are).

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