Dec 232009

Versiune în română

Because this year we celebrated twenty years since the Romanian Revolution, the media bombarded us with anniversary shows, images, articles etc, related to the subject. Twenty years have passed but unfortunately many Romanians feel that there are still unanswered questions related to the Romanian Revolution like who was responsible for shooting at the revolutionaries and what happened after Ceausescu fled. Many people believe that the revolution was the hijacked by the “humane” communists (as Mr. Iliescu who came to power after the Revolution tried to picture himself) and a few go as far as saying that it was more coup d’etat than a people’s revolution. Still 1104 people died for their believes, many of them anonymous and heroic citizens of Bucharest, and for this I will continue to call it a revolution no matter what happened at the top. But it is frustrating, the impression that you don’t know what really happened back then.

Today’s photo shows one of these commemorative events, an exhibition titled “This is what is was like in Bucharest… 20 years since the Romanian Revolution” taking place in the University Square underground passage. The exhibition contains photographs and short films from the streets of Bucharest December 1989, trying to capture the atmosphere of those days.

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  1. Very interesting and a great poster. Any version online of this? I'd really like to see something more about this…

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