Dec 312009

Versiune în română

The stage for the New Year Party sponsored by Bucharest’s City Hall has already been installed in front of the Palace of Parliament, in the Constitution Square and was being tested last night when I passed by. Thousands of people are expected to attend the event and enjoy the music and the fireworks. The only drawback so far is that the weather forecast for tonight shows 20% chance of rain. I went to a New Year Party in the open air a few years ago and it was a nice experience. But this year I’ll be staying indoors and waiting for the arrival of the new year in the company of friends.

Happy New Year everyone and all the best in the new year! I see you in 2010 🙂

  6 Responses to “Ready to party”

  1. I begin to like that building: it is good to see a great party organized in front of it!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, our best wishes for a great 2010!

    VP & Trillian

  2. Hi Andreea – just found your blog – I shall enjoy visiting it again in 2010. It is good to see this massive building hosting a party. Have a great evening and a good New Year.

  3. That's a wonderful photo with the yellow building and blue glow of the lights! The party sounds fun, but maybe not in the rain 🙂 Happy New Year to you from Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo!

  4. I hope you have fun with your friends,

    Wishing you un an nou fericit.

  5. I find the smaller parties turn out to be a lot more fun (drier too). Best wishes for the coming new year!

  6. Good photo.
    Happy New Year, indoors or outdoors!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

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