Dec 162009

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The round snack that you see in today’s photo is a Romanian favourite. They are made of flour, yeast, malt, salt and water and can be sprinkled with poppy seed or sesame. They can be either round shaped (like in today’s photo) or shaped like a smaller pretzel (I promise to show you a photo soon). In Romanian they are called “covrigi” (singular “covrig”). They are so popular that there are bake shops whose only purpose is to manufacture and sell covrigi. This kind of bake shops are called “covrigărie”. Covrigi make for a filling snack and cost very little and for this reasons some people call them “the food of the poor”. But I’ve seen all sorts of people queuing up to buy covrigi because the smell of a freshly baked covrig is something hard to resist. The ones in today’s photo are not freshly baked but they have their charm too: they go well with beer 🙂

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  1. That looks so good and I am very hungry right now.

  2. You are just made me unhappy with my poor packet of crackers: I'm sure I'd like some covrigi, freshly baked or not. We don't have pretzel but only something smaller, round and unspiced called 'taralli' in the South and 'roschette' here in Tuscany.

  3. haha, now how i wish i could taste some of that covrigis. ^0^
    the only pretzels i;ve ever tasted were those sold at the supermarket and believe me it doesn't taste good. ^-^

  4. And all we get on our pretzels here is salt!

  5. Surprisingly many things go well with beer! 🙂

    Interesting coincident that we're both in the pretzel business today. Södertälje where I shot today's bridge is nationally known as pretzel city

  6. Esto`parece ser muy bueno para comer.
    Encantadoras las fotos de Bucarest iluminada por Navidad

  7. I wonder if they taste differently than our packaged pretzels. In the malls we have pretzel kiosks, and they are quite good. And filling. And beer is always a good option for eating any kind of pretzels. Or just about anything else!

  8. They look very tempting but I'm actually munching on pretzels as I type here. 🙂 I bet covrigi taste very different from what I'm used to snacking on though.

  9. Funny food foto! I'm not a big pretzel fan what I'd be willing to try one!

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