Dec 152009

Versiune în română

Winter is officially here – if there was any doubt 🙂 We just had the first serious snow of the year. Despite of the deserted bus station in today’s photo, many people were still out and about today. Life must go on 🙂

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  1. c'est la vie…^0^
    ooh, every fotos i visit seems to be 'snow' inspired already,
    i still do wish we have winter here like you do. ^-^

  2. Nice picture of the deserted benches. Not many chance to see some snow here, it happens about once in a decade. But it's already quite cold…

  3. Hey Andreea – I've been reading for about a week (yes, I looked at all the backposts as well) & was surprised to see this as the first big snow of the year. I expected it to snow earlier. Is this normal?

    Glad to see you're still blogging & love the shots of Bucharest! I was thinking the same as Cris on the Roads of Romania blog… when is she going to post again? 🙂 Take care & happy holidays!

  4. Robert: Thanks for the nice words, it feels good to be appreciated. It snowed before this year, but there was no snow on the ground until today; that's why I wrote "serious snow". Some years we get snow as early as late November but it's usually just isolated events; most people in Bucharest expect snow to "seriously" fall 🙂 around Christmas.

  5. I always imagined Bucharest was snowier than my part of Germany, but this year we seem to have got the snow before you.

    I have to wonder what those structures are behind the benches. Even if they had some covering on the top part, the surely could not offer any kind shade.

  6. AB: I guess they're just for decoration; the mayor for this part of Bucharest (Bucharest is divided into six parts, each of which has their own mayor and council, and has responsibility over local affairs, such as secondary streets, parks, schools and cleaning services) is known for his love of "wooden structures" so I'm guessing this is just one of the wooden structures meant to beautify this part of the city 🙂

  7. The snow looks perfect for this time of year. Do Romanians dream of having a white Christmas the way Canadians do?

  8. Stine: We do – in Bucharest at least – and most people feel cheated if we don't get a white Christmas (it happens in some years).

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