Dec 272009

Versiune în română

This is Victoria Passage, linking Calea Victoriei with Academiei Street. It appeared a lot in the news in the summer of 2008 when the press got word of plans to demolish two of the historical buildings located inside the passage. It was the same story as always, such a piece of real estate in downtown Bucharest would sell for a small fortune. So far the buildings are still standing.

  3 Responses to “Victoria Passage”

  1. A Coyote Cafe and a Colosseum Club, it looks like a lively passage! What happened to the buildings?

  2. What a shame! Unfortunately many Canadians do not value the past and let big business demolish their heritage to replace it with something that will make money in some way.

  3. Vogon Poet: So far they're left in ruin; I guess the developers are waiting for the next earthquake 🙁

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