Jan 032010

Versiune în română

The attraction park that was temporarily installed in the Union Square Park gave me the opportunity to try shooting an “implying motion” photo, by using a slow shutter speed to shoot a moving object. The effect I was going for was a moving object that will appear blurred while the stationary objects around it will be recorded in sharp details. I tried this technique on a number of rides. The merry go round didn’t come out too well but the ride in today’s photo came out a little better. This was the best I could get without a tripod as I didn’t have one with me.

  5 Responses to “Implying motion”

  1. Very good shot! I'm impressed!

  2. Andreea, I think your photo implies motion very well. I don't usually carry my tripod, but this year I'm going to attempt to use it a few times!

  3. Your effort paid off – it looks great!

  4. i agree, i recently had my own slr and i have to say that capturing night scenes esp. the moving ones are a pain! i always get the so-not-good-shots every time that i give up and use my point and shoot instead.^0^
    i still have a lot to learn as well as getting used to it.

  5. I can't see anything wrong here, it is a very good image. I always carry my small tripod, but my night pictures are usually much worse than this one.

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