Jan 022010

Versiune în română

Today’s shot shows a representation of Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on the wall of the University of Architecture, among different plaques in the memory of the revolutionaries and various stencil graffiti. Someone, maybe the author, drew a heart that surrounds the representation.

  6 Responses to “Mary and Baby Jesus”

  1. Very cool find!

  2. Religious graffiti? Hmmm. Seems like an oxymoron to me, but an interesting find indeed!

  3. The religious icon tradition seems strong in Romania — even among griffiti sprayers!

  4. A 'writer' with some respect for a religious image and a sense of humor, this is quite unusual!
    We both posted a Madonna today…

  5. hi andreea! happy 2010!
    this is a good portrayal of a mother and child image. the heart border makes all the difference, it gives more emphasis to it.

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