Jan 292010

Versiune în română

For today, more signs and details from the Caru cu Bere restaurant. Yesterday, after posting the one sign, I decided to show the rest of them as well so I went downtown and took photographs of the other ornaments adorning the entrance to the restaurant. And here they are.

Note the beer mug. This is after all a beer hall.

  8 Responses to “More signs and details”

  1. If these very attractive signages are any indication, the place must be quite nice inside and the beer must be very good! Have you tried it?

  2. I adore all these lovely iron signs.

  3. the ironworks looks nouveau at first glance and medieval bec. of the dragon. i'm guessing "bererie" would mean beer house ?

    even the background looks charming.

  4. Jacob: I ate there many times; beer is good, so is food. The interior is gorgeous, I've linked an older post with the interior in the text. The only "drawback" is that it is immensely popular, being that it appears in every tourist guide there is and also preferred by locals, so it's almost impossible to get a seat without prior reservation.

  5. I really love the signs and this place. If I came there, this is one of the first place I'd like to visit, reservation or not!

  6. Fancy, fancy! I love how you captured it all in the first, top photo! Great, Andreea!

  7. Love these signs Andreea!

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