Jan 282010

Versiune în română

This is one of the signs of the Caru cu Bere restaurant, probably the most known restaurant in town, shown on this blog in an earlier post.

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  1. Andreea – let's go there for lunch! I'll treat! I just don't think I'll get there this week . . .
    Fancy restaurant sign, wow!

  2. I like that black cat up there. Not sure what he has in his mouth.

  3. I remember the other post, the sign is almost gorgeous as the inside of the restaurant. Does it represent some story?

  4. So ornate. How could one pass up this place with a sign like that?

  5. They have cats on the menu?

  6. Renee: I figured those are whiskers.

    VP: I've no idea 🙂 I couldn't find anything related to this.

    AB: Sure. Boiled and served with potatoes or on the grill. Take your pick 🙂

  7. i had to re-check the old post and yes, it's one of the nicest interiors i;ve seen. the signage looks unique and kind of medieval in a way. ^0^

  8. VP: On the Romanian version of the blog I've got a tip about the two signs, the rooster and the black cat; apparently it had to do with the fact that the beer hall was open all night. I'm guessing the black cat is the night and the rooster is the morning.

  9. The details are wonderful; the style very appealing!

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