Jan 192010

Versiune în română

I hope my dear visitors that you’re not already bored by my snow photos. This winter is proving to be one with a lot of snow so there are even more snow photos coming your way. Of couse I could post photos from my personal archive, taken last summer or last fall but it feels a bit weird to be showing clear blue skies and sunny weather when the city is all dressed in white. Besides, I like the city covered in snow. It’s been snowing since yesterday, calmly at first, more heavily today. Everybody’s been complaining about the state of the roads but I have to say that I’ve seen quite a few snow plows on the streets of Bucharest. Two of them are the stars of today’s photo.

  4 Responses to “On snow and snow plows”

  1. Even if we'd rather not have the snow I think we all like snow photos.

    I like this image. I'm curious about different equipment used in different cities.

  2. Snow is alway beautiful in other people's pictures. If I remember well the last significant snowfall here was around 1990, and it was pure chaos!

  3. We haven't had much snow since the HUGE!!! blizzard just before Christmas! It always looks beautiful at first…

  4. Great winter scene. I can almost feel the sleet and snow being splattered on my by these snow ploughs

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