Jan 172010

Versiune în română

These are the iron wrough gates of the Athenaeum park. I just thought they look nice.

  6 Responses to “The Gates of Culture :)”

  1. Those gates are way beyond "nice" – they're super fantastic! What a work of art!

  2. yes andreea, they look very spiralish! ^0^ my kind of word…

  3. We seem to agree with you: I like Leif's beyond nice and Arabesque's spiralish.

  4. Impressive gates. I hope they open them now and then, to let us at the culture.

  5. AB 🙂 That's exactly what someone commented on the Romanian version of the blog. I told him that we can use the lateral gates when nobody's looking 🙂

  6. Yes, they are really pretty! Elegant and stylish.

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